Psychotherapy & Jungian Analysis

Therapy and Analysis

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Gordon serves people who suffer from a range of clinical symptoms. These are usually a result of trauma, loss and/or adjustment to transitions in life. Psychotherapy aims to improve functioning and to assist you in making changes that will get you back into life on your terms.

As a Jungian analyst, Dr. Gordon consults your nocturnal dreams to uncover what might be missing in your conscious life. Symptoms are believed to develop through one-sided adaptations to life. They are meaningful and purposeful primarily because they now have your attention, motivating you to seek another way to approach life. Dreams point the way toward healing and wholeness. Through their careful and thorough analysis, deep trust in your psyche’s own wisdom develops. Over time, discomfort itself might begin to find its place within the totality of your life. Balance between outer demands and inner imperatives can be restored.

Jungian Studies

To enrich and inform your personal analysis, or simply to continue your education,
Dr. Gordon provides private seminars in Jungian studies.

Fairytale Groups:

Because motifs in fairytales appear in modern dreams, it is exciting to dig into these stories and discover their age-old relevance. Doing so cultivates symbolic perception — a useful spiritual tool for understanding inner and outer life. This is why, for over 20 years, Dr. Gordon continues to teach fundamentals of analytical psychology through interpreting fairytales.

FAIRYTALES AND EVERYDAY LIFE:  a new 3-part series for 2019 takes place April 20, July 20, and October 19. Visit CALENDAR>> for more details.

Reading Groups:

It is also quite satisfying to sit in a circle with kinfolk and bite into the meaty material of Jung’s own writings — on topics of alchemy, psychic energy, the process of individuation, transference and dream analysis. Understanding principles of analytical psychology creates another story – a conceptual one – within which to understand your own.

Dream Groups

In the sacred space of a dream circle, individuals share dreams that are meant for a larger audience. We, as a collective body, need the wisdom of these ‘big dreams’ to redress the imbalances we all are suffering through. These dreams, especially, tap into the reservoir of symbols that spontaneously come to our aid during periods of collective transformation and growth.

Since 2007, Dr. Gordon has led nine dream group retreats with Jungian analyst, Tess Castleman (author of Threads, Knots, Tapestries: How a tribal connection is revealed through dreams and synchronicities and Sacred Dream Circles). These dream group retreats have taken place in Oregon, Texas and Switzerland.

SACRED DREAM CIRCLES:  a new 10-session series for 2019 takes place between January 15th through March 19 on Tuesdays. There will also be a 10-session series on April 2 through June 4, and September 24 through November 26. Visit CALENDAR>> for more details.

Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay engages the same healing energies that shape our dreams. It is a unique form of active imagination. Your hands, along with the materials provided, guide the process of giving expression to your inner experience. Within ‘a safe and protected space’, this nonverbal therapeutic approach releases inner tension and helps to restore balance.

As a certified Sandplay therapist, Dr. Gordon provides training and consultation to psychotherapists who seek to learn more about this amazing treatment modality.

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SANDPLAY STUDIES GROUP:  a new 4-part series for 2019 takes place March 2, June 22, September 21, and December 7. Visit CALENDAR>> for more details.

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